How to Make Oat Flour

I can’t believe I was actually buying bulk oat flour from my natural food market. I would literally have to cancel baking if I had forgot to buy more at my last run to the store. All the while, I had a 25 lb. bag of oatmeal sitting in my cupboard, just waiting for me to realize, I can just blend up my oats and make my own flour at home. I felt so silly that I hadn’t thought of it before.addtext_com_MDA1MDM2Njc4OTI3

I gave it a try and, sure enough, it was a HUGE success! Needless to say, you won’t see me at the market scooping up oat flour from a bin anymore. In addition to the simplicity of homemade oat flour, you’ll be saving a lot of money too! I always buy large quantities of food where I can. At you can find large bags of organic oatmeal at a great price.

Oatmeal is gluten free and very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. I use oatmeal everyday in one way or another.


All you’ll need is a blender and some organic old fashioned rolled oats.image

Simply pour oats into your blender, and blend. I use the highest setting and (VERY CAREFULLY) assist with a spoon. The great thing about doing this at home is, you have the power to decide the consistency of your flour. It’s fun to experiment with recipes; pancakes and muffins turn out pretty good with a less refined blend whereas, it is essential to have a fine grind for pie crust. If you are ever unsure though and don’t have time for the occasional “oops” moment, a fine grind will not let you down.

Once you’ve reached your desired consistency, store in an airtight container. I love to store food in canning jars because I know that it will seal and therefore, keep my food fresh.

How to Make Oat Flour (Gluten Free)

How to Make Oat Flour (Gluten Free)


  • organic old fashioned rolled oats, any amount you desire.


  1. Place raw uncooked oats into a blender.
  2. Blend on high until you've reached a fine consistency.
  3. Store in an airtight container (glass jar).
  4. Use in place of other flours (i.e. wheat)

Have you ever made your own flour before? Please share any ideas or tips down below!

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